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|| 50 years anniversary book

Divisionsforeningen represents all football clubs in the Danish tournament. Together with 50 clubs in the country’s top three tournaments – 3F SUPERLIGA, NordicBet league and 2nd Division – they support and work for the elite football in Denmark. In addition to the tournaments in mens danish league Divisionsforeningen also manages the Reserve League.

On the occasion of Divisionsforeningen’s 50th anniversary BrandSurface was asked to design and produce an exclusive anniversary book. The book should mark and describe important milestones in a wondrous journey from the predecessors foundation 50 years ago until today.

It is a trip down memory lane in pictures that captures moments and awakens old feelings from a bygone era. The book was gifted to key stakeholders of Divisionsforeningen. 

BrandSurface designed the book and other related print materials used for their 50th anniversary celebration party.

Final delivery included:

  • Design
  • Artwork
  • Printing
It is a trip down memory lane in  pictures that captures moments  and awakens old feelings from a bygone era